Frequently Asked Questions

Yup! Each toad comes with an adjustable Crossbody strap.

The toad's body is made out of vinyl. Handles, anchors, and Crossbody strap are vegan PU leather. Vegan Friendly!

Yes. Each toad has inside lining- your stuff won't slip down into their little toesies.

Inside dimensions are apx 9"x6"x5" (roughly... after all, it is toad shaped) The bag is deceptively roomy. It is hollow up to the nose, so you can fit a good amount of stuff in there.

The hats are on little clips. You clip it to their little noggin, right where the zipper opens. Then you can close the zipper back up.

I use a very mild soap and warm water. Don't use any solvent or harsh soap to avoid removing the color.

Yes, we ship to most countries! However, we do not cover duties/taxes...etc. The buyer (you) is responsible for all taxes, duties and fees, if applicable.

Returns are not accepted. However, if any issue arises with your toad or accessories within 30 days of receiving it, I will arrange repair or replacement. Just shoot me a message!

Imperfect toads are sold at a discount and are final sale.