Story Time

About 3 years ago, I acquired a toad Halloween prop at a local store. My mom, being a literal genius & creator, offered to transform it into a bag for me! I was still mourning the loss of a chicken purse that had been the victim of a smash and grab theft from my car. 
Everywhere my toad and I went, people loved him. Baltus (that was his name) spread so much joy, Mom decided to purse a few more toads. Once ready for adoption, they were snatched up within moments. Since then, things have grown to what you see now. We even offer hats, fancy collars, and little pails and buckets to dress up your toads!
We are a small business. My niece drew the logo, mom & a friend make fancy little hats for the toads to wear, and I'm Cheynne, doing all the other stuff. 
Welcome to Windy Willow!